• Case studies offer the reader points of comparison but, more importantly, tell stories in a brief and concise way that makes it easier for the reader to extract key points and gain important insights that facts and figures alone cannot convey. They point out opportunities, pitfalls, and other lessons learned in developing and deploying these technologies that can help stakeholders engaged in developing smart grids make more effective decisions and avoid costly missteps.
    This Case Book attempts to structure the case studies in such a way that their stories can be understood and leveraged by others.
    Each lists a contact person who can offer further information and details.

    This Case Book reflects one way that ISGAN brings together experts and stakeholders from around the world to accelerate the development and deployment of smarter electric grids.
    When appropriate, ISGAN also makes these Case Books "living documents," which are periodically updated with new case studies from ISGAN participants and affiliated organizations.